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A respectful life towards animals would bring beneficial consequences in different areas of our lives.

The pain and suffering of many animals are, in many cases, directly related to the unmindful activities of our society. This is a fact Ed has never considered, just as many other people who happen to be uninformed regarding animal cruelty.

Society, as it is currently structured, prevents us from being fully aware of our interactions with the animal world. We have the responsibility to allow all animals to exercise their right to live fully and accordingly to their nature.


The meat industry has become a major cause of global warming. Waste and food contaminants are constantly poured into our waterways, making it most the harmful of any other human activity. Moreover, the livestock industry is the main exploiter of the earth contributing to deforestation, which plays a main role in climate change.



Every day new studies reveal that the constant consumption of meat is linked to a great amount of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases that causes many deaths in our society.


About 36% of cereals and 74% of the harvested soybeans in the world are used to feed animals. 2 billion people could be fed every day if these amounts amounts of grain were destined to fight world hunger.  A fifth part of the world’s population doesn’t have access to filling meals; according to The World Food Programme of the UN, redistributing 10% or 15% of the grain produced for livestock to feed the poor would significantly decrease world hunger and improve food provision.

In addition, 70% of water consumption is destined to produce and cattle, which is a major source of major pollution, causing the death of 30,000 children due to water-related diseases every day.


Beyond all the benefits earned from the practice of a conscious lifestyle, we should also take into consideration the lives of animals themselves.

Any animal with a nervous system is fully responsive to pain. Just as humans, we feel pain in response to the mechanism made of neurotransmitters that is responsible of producing distress. Pain equals suffering, that’s why the public should guarantee the safety of all animals that are subject to pain product of hurtful animal practices.

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