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Empathy is now available worldwide on VIMEO!

Today we bring you the best news ever. During the last few months we haven’t stopped receiving messages from people from all around the world asking when and where they could watch Empathy.

And now, that moment has come. The documentary of FAADA and La Diferencia is online on VIMEO and accessible to viewers from all over the world in Spanish and English.

We hope that our film might become a tool for all those people who are reconsidering their daily choices but who do not want to see harsh images, and for those who have already taken that step and are now trying to promote a compassionate life among their families.

And with your help we can reach even more people. Do you have relatives or friends who live abroad? Share with them the links below and help us to raise awareness about the reality of animals.

Empathy counts with the participation of international experts such as Peter Singer, Melanie Joy and Patrik Baboumian, has been selected to compete in international festivals around the world and in Spain was screened in cinemas for more than two months.

We also remind you that if you live in Spain or Andorra you can watch Empathy on the online platform Filmin:

¡Watch it and share it!

Spanish ➡

English ➡

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